Tuesday, October 08, 2002

a swiss magazine looks at lawyers blogging

It really is enjoyable to hear from visitors from around the globe. The web is a nonspatial place, where country borders find difficulty in limiting communication with people from all corners of the world. We've been fortunate to have been linked to by an online magazine from Switzerland this week. The magazine is Jusletter, which is the "first legal on-line technical periodical of Switzerland." They come out with a new issue every week, and this week's issue includes the following article:
Weblogs – ein Informations- und Wissens-Managment-Mittel für Juristinnen und Juristen?
In den USA werden sog. Weblogs auch von Juristen als Informationsbeschaffungsmittel benutzt. Was aber sind Weblogs genau? Und eignen sie sich auch wirklich für Juristinnen und Juristen? Welche Vorteile bringen Weblogs?

Autor: lic. iur. Franz Kummer
The magazine publishes in German. Fortunately, Altavista's Babelfish is around to translate it into English for us.
Weblogs - an information and a knowledge Managment means for lawyer inside and lawyers?
In the USA become sucked. Weblogs also of lawyers as provision of information means uses. What however are Weblogs exact? And are they also really suitable for lawyer inside and lawyers? Which advantages bring Weblogs?

Author: lic. iur. Franz Kummer
Ok, the translation may not be perfect. I'm not sure exactly what they were trying to express with the first sentence in the synopsis of their article. But, it's interesting to see that legal weblogs are being looked at by the Swiss, and in a positive manner. To read the article, cut and paste the following URL into the appropriate box in Babelfish, and choose "German to English" in the drop down box next to it:


To our Swiss visitors: Dank für das Besuchen!

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