Monday, October 21, 2002

internet voting in delaware

The Wilmington News Journal reports that Delaware has been asked to participate in an experiment involving voting online during the 2004 presidential elections. Thirteen states would be involved in this experiment. Online voting wouldn't be available to all Delawareans. The test would only involve people filing absentee ballots, such as soldiers and Delawareans working overseas.

I'm not sure that I detect a bias for or against internet voting on the pages of Secure Poll, but they do have a good number of articles and white papers on the subject of electronic voting. Gigalaw published a lighthearted view of internet voting in January of 2001 that is worth a look.

One article I ran across that did bother me was the one entitled Internet Voting Project Cost Pentagon $ 73,809 Per Vote. Given Delaware's present budget crisis, I can't help but wonder who is footing the bill for this experiment.

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