Saturday, October 19, 2002

Defining Organic Food Labeling

I was over checking out what's in rebecca's pocket, when I came across a post on the federally mandated labeling of organic foods. She points to an article from last Tuesday that describes a food revolution settling into place this coming week:
Next Monday, organic food will take its largest leap ever into mainstream America when the federal government puts into effect a new national system of organic food labeling.

The dramatic growth of the industry demanded formal criteria for organic production and marketing, agreed growers and regulators.

The new rules -- 10 years in the making -- set standards that growers and food companies must follow before they can call anything "organic." For the first time, organic foods will be labeled under federal regulations that ban the use of pesticides, chemicals, genetically modified organisms and other material from all products that use the label "organic."
Rebecca points out some other articles worth reading that ponder if small farms producing organic foods will suffer at the hands of big business with this change, and question what the term "organic" actually means anymore.

You'll see those labels in your grocery store on Monday.