Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Query: Is Federalism Dead?

I have found myself wondering over the last year or so, as to whether Federalism is dead in America. It seems as with many thoughts, they are not unique, as I have found several links on this topic... Publius; Case4theright; national review. While the popularity of the question doesn't solve the problem that prompts it, it does give me some solace that others share in the quest for the answer.

It was a good time for me to re-read the United States Constitution, and ... not finding what I was looking for there.... the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution. I feel secure that those words are still there. Even if maybe they are now just an illusion.

New Vice Chancellor

The Delaware State Senate has confirmed J. Travis Laster , of Abrams & Laster, LLP, as our next Vice Chancellor of Delaware's Chancery Court, as reported in the News Journal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thought for the day...

Keep tomorrow in mind, forget all but the lessons from yesterday, and live in the here and now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Line Up, Take your Meds, Shuffle out the Door...

I received notice that it was time to renew my home supply of government anti-radiation medication, for emergency home use. Delaware's Department of Emergency Management, issues Potassium Iodide to those folks who live or work near a nuclear hazard (Salem Nuclear Plant).

It reminds me of when I was lined up with the other soldiers and given numerous inoculations for such things as Bubonic Plague. That's when I was horrified to learn that the plague was alive in well in Colorado, along with a gazillion tons of chemical warfare agents that I was about to guard.

Then also it reminds me of the pouch of antidotes that I had to carry strapped to my leg, for nerve agent poisoning, or anything else that made me fall over and twitch.

Well, here I am. Line me up again. Give my meds and ship me out the door. Just don't forget to sound the alarm system when Salem leaks, so that I have a chance to bail before I absorb too many rads.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pig Headed

Today I met the head cook (a realtor in the other part of his life) from Pig Headed BBQ, of Middletown. In just a few minutes of conversation, he helped me with several of my novice bbq issues. Look forward to seein ya at the Dover Downs competition in October.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is MY country!

Thought for the day... This is my country. Take personal ownership and responsibility, it's a package deal. You can't have one without the other.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wondering Where Your Tax Dollars Go? For Shame List

Here is a list of the Superintendents for the 19 school districts that we suffer under in Delaware. By having 19 districts in an area that should at most have 3, we are wasting millions of our tax dollars, and allowing these individuals to take the money that was intended to be spent on our childrens' education. I don't know any of these people personally. I am sure that many of them are nice people. But while they continue to skim the life out of our education system, they should be held accountable. I post this here ( as found on the State's website ) with the intent that they be shamed into doing what is right... that they work together to eliminate their jobs for the betterment of the State and our children.

For Shame!

List of District Superintendents

Name Phone
Marchio, Tony J., Ed.D. 302-376-4128
Brandenberger, Andy , Ed.D. 302-793-5000
Fitzgerald, Kevin , Ed.D. 302-697-2173
Stone, George E., Ed.D. 302-645-6686
Thomas, Michael D., Ed.D. 302-672-1556
Lyles, Marcia V., Ed.D. 302-552-2600
Meney, George H., Ed.D. 302-323-2710
Ring, Jr., David C., Ed.D. 302--84-6-95
Bunting, Susan S., Ed.D. 302-436-1000
Curry, Daniel D., Ed.D. 302-284-3020
McCoy, John W., Ed.D. 302-875-6013
Kanter, Sharon G. 302-422-1607
Godowsky, Steven H., Ed.D. 302-995-8051
Sole, Dianne G., Ed.D. 302-697-2170
Daugherty, Mervin B., Ed.D. 302-552-3702
Knorr, Russell H., Ed.D. 302-629-4587
Wicks, Deborah D. 302-653-8585
Savini, Patrick E., Ed.D. 302-856-2542
Carson, Kevin E., Ed.D. 302-337-7990

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer Sandwich Spread

I have been workin on different ways to utilize the abundance of peppers that I have this year, and last night I developed a decent sandwich spread (I used it as a wrap filler):

12 Jalepeno Peppers
1/2 of an Habanero Pepper
1 Bell Pepper
several various other peppers
half cup of finely chopped onion
one package of cream cheese
3 thin/medium slices of ripe tomato

Clean all of the peppers.
Put everything into a food processor (may have to do it in several parts, depending upon the size of your food processor... mine is small so it took 3 parts). Process untill all the pepper parts are finely chopped and well integrated into the mixture.

Salt and pepper to taste.

I am thinkin that it will go well with a white meat sandwich.