Wednesday, October 09, 2002

commerce online

I'm looking forward seeing what shape Stanford's Center for E-Commerce will eventually take. I like the idea of a law school looking at online business in depth, and working towards helping people to consider the legal aspects of electronic commerce. A article, Stanford puts Net policies to the test, describes the focus of the school's efforts:
The new Center for E-Commerce, announced Tuesday, will be an interdisciplinary project that will try to help lawyers, business people and the general public shape policy and grapple with legal questions presented by the Internet. The center will host conferences and speaking engagements where people can hash out issues including Internet jurisdiction, intellectual property and the legal fallout of the dot-com bust.
I hope that they extend the reach of their program beyond hosting local events by building an web-based repository of articles and information.

If they need a model for what could be done, one approach that they might want to consider is the Wharton School's Knowledge @ Wharton.

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