Friday, August 05, 2016

New Roles and Strategies

I believe that we need to keep learning and growing.  I strive to achieve these goals.  Lately I have taken steps to reduce and refine my practice to a slower pace, so that I may take more time with my clients' matters, and also to stop and breathe a little on the weekends.  So far so good.   It will take us some time to adjust to this new role and strategy.  To the extent that I receive prospective client inquiries that I cannot timely handle, I will refer them to learned counsel for action.

I invite others of you who are climbing the ladder of partial retirement to suggest strategies that work for you!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Adopting a Pet in New Castle County, Delaware

Are you thinking about adopting or fostering a pet from an animal shelter in New Castle County, Delaware?  You are?!  That’s great!!  If you’re ready to be a responsible and loving pet owner, then you should visit Faithful Friends Animal Society.   Faithful Friends is a non-profit, No Kill shelter that does not euthanize animals to make space for others.  All cats and dogs in their care stay with them until forever homes are found.   Programs and services include rescue and adoption, healthy pet clinics, spay/neuter clinics, free pet food and supply bank, pet therapy services, and community outreach.

In addition to Faithful Friends, some other animal shelters to consider in New Castle County are Forgotten Cats, Inc., Delaware Humane Association, and Delaware SPCA.   The Petfinder web site is another good source of finding your new pet, and it provides helpful resources on pet care and pet adoption.  Please visit these shelters and Petfinder to learn more about their adoptable cats and dogs, volunteer opportunities and ways to donate. 

  by Kathy Eoppolo

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mixed Message Anniversary

While we read of the 50th anniversary of the opening of I-95, and the halo effect that surrounds Pres. Kennedy because of the way he passed, it is also helpful to keep this in the context of the destructive partisan politics that Pres. Kennedy inflicted upon Delaware. Kennedy intentionally and maliciously delayed the completion of I-95 in Delaware and snubbed our excellent Senator Boggs because of the same sorts of childish petulant partisan politics that we see in Washington today.

We don't even need to hear their words, we can see the glint in the eyes of the politicians when they tap into that disruptive rhetoric. It is the glint in the eye that we see when someone tells a joke, only, the joke is on us. I am serious, you can literally observe this phenomenon. We are being played for fools by self-interested parties. Much like the ancient Roman government provided free entertainment ( Colosseum and other similar amusement parks ), and free food daily, to distract the population while they played their own brand of abusing society.

The failure and responsibility lies only with each and every one of us. We are responsible to put the right people in positions of leadership.

When its time to organize representation show up; and when it's time to vote, show up. Don't just sit mesmerized watching the game. Show up and own up to our responsibilities.

These are my opinions and likely only my opinions. I am ok with that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delaware Public Benefit Corporation Legislation

Significant development in Delaware corporate law!

Governor Jack Markell just signed legislation (Senate Bill 47) enabling the formation of public benefit corporations in Delaware.

Corporations are eligible to form, convert or merge into a public benefit corporation in Delaware beginning August 1, 2013.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Regular Resume Tips

There are a lot of folks looking for work. Put yourself in a good position by having your resume in good shape to be read, and considered. Here are a couple of tips that you might find helpful:

1. Use an email address which presents a professional or at least neutral image. Avoid such names as : sweetie pie; hot4u; road racer; etc. While these may be just fine for your general correspondence, they are an immediate turn off to a potential employer looking for a conforming employee.

2. Capitalize your name correctly;

3. Don't use all caps, except possibly in the title line of the resume.

4. Read the ad, apply for the right position. Don't send a cover letter looking for dental assistant work to a job opening for an office worker.

5. Include all relevant information. Don't skip jobs, don't lie.

6. Spell Check.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hiring 3 Associates at Delaware Intercorp, Inc

Associate –– P/T Newark office position available for a responsible, honest, hardworking person with good people skills who isn’t afraid to learn and to work. Mix of sales oriented customer service, data entry, and correspondence. Must have good phone, written, and in-person communication skills; must be organized. Must be able to work pleasantly and productively in a team environment.

Currently three open part time positions, which can grow to full time as training, experience, and excellent reviews occur. Typically start at 15 hours a week during initial training, which usually gets increased rapidly to 20 or more hours per week, as the applicant proves their worth to the enterprise and absorbs initial training. Must be able to use Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel proficiently, and be able and willing to learn new computer applications.

A pre-existing knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus. Pay starts at $9.25 per hour. Merit increases and career progression available to be earned. Fast paced multi-tasking environment in a growing company. Must be able to maintain a pleasant disposition and positive attitude under stressful conditions. Mandatory drug and background screening for all employees.

Send resume to: , or mail to: Delaware Intercorp, Inc, 111 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, DE 19711; or fax to (302) 266-9940.