Tuesday, October 01, 2002

California Law Contest

I'm firmly against the idea of the senseless proliferation of new laws. We could legislate every action we take if we're not careful. Having said that, a contest held in California recently holds a certain appeal. Palo Alto Assemblyman Joe Simitian held a "There ought to be a law" contest, and three ideas from that contest were passed into state law yesterday:
Simitian picked the three winners from 100 entries. The inspiration for the contest came after his first year in the Legislature, when he spent a lot of time talking with representatives of special-interest groups and ``far too little time with the people of my district.''

He joked Friday that the three bills he introduced on behalf of constituents had a better record -- three for three -- for getting signed by the governor than his own ideas.
In smaller text under the article is a note stating that the Assemblyman is holding a second round of the contest, and that entries should be received by October 18, 2002. This seems like a good idea. I wonder if anyone from Delaware would be willing to give something similar a try.