Wednesday, October 30, 2002

online activism

The last two days I've linked to a couple of articles that involve politicians using the web in their election campaigns. In a switch, I'm pointing tonight to a use of the web that helps people contact their representatives.

Alternet has an article about people harnessing the power of the web to keep informed of legislation in Washington, D.C., and to enable them to draft documents indicating their positions on the shaping of laws. The article focuses upon the TrueMajority web site which was started by one of the cofounders of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream:
TrueMajority sifts through all the stuff going on in Congress. When your voice counts to create a just and sustainable world, you get an email alert. Then just by clicking one button a fax is sent to your congressperson in your name. It takes about 2 minutes a month and it's free.
While I like the idea a whole lot in theory, the thought of activism for activism's sake doesn't thrill me. Any issue worth protesting about is worth more than two minutes time to consider.

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