Saturday, October 13, 2007

Has Halloween Gone to The Dogs?

With each approaching holiday, I find myself most intrigued by the history behind the customs and rituals than the actual celebration. Reclusive in nature, I would much rather immerse myself into a good read or history channel presentation than endure social gatherings that revolve around these events. This, of course, is the weary adult speaking-as a child, the magic was all encompassing and the mere anticipation of these times was enough to make me giddy. Now that I am a parent, I am fortunate enough to observe this same enthusiasm within my child.

With this said, Halloween is right around the corner. I ask myself, just why I’ll be accompanying my little girl on a begging for candy mission throughout my neighborhood. And just why will I be opening my door to “treat” those children that have in the past played the old,” ding, dong, ditch” game with my doorbell? Upon researching this subject, after failing to provide my inquisitive kid an acceptable explanation, I prefer to broadly describe it as a mish mash of pagan and Christian traditions. I personally enjoy the story of Celtic community bonfires and the bringing home of a flame in hollowed out gourds and turnips. There’s also the idea of ancient people wearing costumes/animal skins and heads to confuse evil spirits. Today, our children are using their imagination to morph into anything from sweet Disney characters to more scary creepy figures. My daughter, who is now well out of her cute girlie princess phase, has selected a skeleton costume. And well, our dog may be sharing in this tradition this year too.

by Kelly