Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mixed Message Anniversary

While we read of the 50th anniversary of the opening of I-95, and the halo effect that surrounds Pres. Kennedy because of the way he passed, it is also helpful to keep this in the context of the destructive partisan politics that Pres. Kennedy inflicted upon Delaware. Kennedy intentionally and maliciously delayed the completion of I-95 in Delaware and snubbed our excellent Senator Boggs because of the same sorts of childish petulant partisan politics that we see in Washington today.

We don't even need to hear their words, we can see the glint in the eyes of the politicians when they tap into that disruptive rhetoric. It is the glint in the eye that we see when someone tells a joke, only, the joke is on us. I am serious, you can literally observe this phenomenon. We are being played for fools by self-interested parties. Much like the ancient Roman government provided free entertainment ( Colosseum and other similar amusement parks ), and free food daily, to distract the population while they played their own brand of abusing society.

The failure and responsibility lies only with each and every one of us. We are responsible to put the right people in positions of leadership.

When its time to organize representation show up; and when it's time to vote, show up. Don't just sit mesmerized watching the game. Show up and own up to our responsibilities.

These are my opinions and likely only my opinions. I am ok with that.