Friday, March 28, 2008

Puppy Love

Monday my mother and son were on a mission to find a new, furry family member. Sunday night we discussed what I was looking for. I wanted one that would be friendly, good with kids, and protective of us. I was in 4th grade when my parents brought home our first Irish Setter. We have had six of them among the family. They are great dogs with fun personalities and they could not be any better with children. A setter was first on my list. A couple of friends of mine mentioned that the Eastern Shore Animal Rescue League rescues English Setters from kill shelters and tries to find homes for them. So my mother and son went there to meet the dogs and they were smitten. They brought Rudy home with them that day. He is the most delightful animal I have ever met. He is sweet, affectionate, and great with my son. However, he must not have had the greatest life before because he is afraid of so many things from the kitchen to the back yard after dark. We are slowly overcoming his fears; he is no longer afraid to ride in my car. He is also in need of training. He does not seem to be familiar with the command sit at all, but we have been working on heel with him and he is doing really well with it. Hopefully within a couple of months he will be fully settled in and not so afraid any more.