Monday, October 14, 2002

More on Stanford's Center of E-Commerce

An announcement was made recently that Stanford would be starting up an addition to their Program in Law, Science and Technology. Some more details are emerging from the School:
At the center, students will learn from business leaders and practicing lawyers as well as visiting scholars, policymakers and graduate students from outside the United States.

Ballon said the program will be groundbreaking because it will bring in leading Internet practitioners, in-house lawyers from companies such as Yahoo! and NetIQ, and top professors from Stanford.

The institute will serve as a center for inter-disciplinary research and will offer student research assistantships. It will sponsor conferences, speakers and other events.

In addition, the center is currently developing a Web site to provide Internet resources to its students and also to the global community.
It sounds like an exciting time to be attending classes at Stanford. Anyone aware of any other law schools that are considering similar programs?