Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PHL Ranked Best Major Airport - JD Powers and Associates fall down on the job

Frustrated Fliers Rank Best, Worst Airports - Money News Story - WCAU Philadelphia Philadelphia International Airport the best!?!?! Really??? What are they smoking?

I have lost all confidence in the JD Powers organization's ability to accurately study and report. I have flown extensively. Philadelphia International is by far the worst large airport that I have been in. I will go to great lengths to avoid it, because of the delays and their 90% proven track record of losing my luggage. Yes... 90% of the time that I fly out of PHL, my luggage is mishandled and misplaced.

Perhaps the flaw in the study was because they were interviewing people who are still flying from that airport? Maybe they should interview the refugees like me, instead?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good Riddance

Today in the News Journal I read that a group of teens have started a "boycott Christiana Mall" campaign. The mall has recently required parental or adult supervision on certain weekend and evening hours.

The teens reasoning ranges from... they come there to spend money, so they shouldn't be excluded... to... they have the legal right to drive, so they should have the right to go in the mall.

Well, Christiana Mall is private property. As such, within certain constitutional limits, the owners can exclude who they want to, when they want to. We have no "right" to demand access to another person's private property.

It has been the boisterous, disrespectful, and criminal behaviour of some amongst the teen crowds which have made the mall unpleasant and unsafe for society and the mall employees. Certainly it is not all teenagers who act this way at the mall. But the restrictions imposed seem reasonable and appropriate.

Adult and parental supervision is lacking in our society now across the board. Not just in the malls but everywhere. The lack of personal and parental responsibility is a significant factor in many social problems that we face.