Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Linzer Torte - The Cooking Adventure (first in a series)

With the best of intentions (we all know where that paved road leads) ,I promised to create and bring a culinary delight to my charming colleagues as an early holiday gift. Alas, on the momentous night of its preparation, a total failure of the heating system struck our household. Now, Dear Reader, I would like to be able to report of the unparalleled success of my adventure into gourmandy; however, that is not the case. My significant others felt, quite to my astonishment, that my efforts would be better served if I were to, and I hereby paraphrase my ultimate significant other, “stop worrying about a frickin’ torte and get the heat on.” Grasping (with little assistance mind you) that the logic of the additional heat provided by a cooking oven did not overcome the significant lack of appeal of a cold house - I mean, really, people don’t sleep on their kitchen floor next to the stove in the dead of winter waiting for a torte to finish its baking? Isn’t it closer to the coffee pot? Nonetheless, in the best interest of spousal harmony not to mention the thought of how cold a couch would be in a home with no heat and the lack of additional body warmth provided by most significant other (most likely forever), I blew off the torte. Upon waking the next day in a most displeased state (no torte and the extra body warmth thing never materialized), I reported to work the next day, which I will be happy to tell you about in the next installment.

By Scott (with significant contribution by Ms. Magaw which is hereby acknowledged)

Holiday Cheer

I love the holiday season. The spirit, lights, decorations and music bring out the gigantic kid in me. Everyone seems a little less grumpy to me this time of year. Here is a list of holiday related things to do that get me in the holiday spirit:

Internet Fun:

Naughty or nice rating (Christmas Naughty or Nice List)

Elf yourself (www.elfyourself.com)

Here is my elf yourself (http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1222724658)

Growing up there were some places my family went to visit every year. Even though they were essentially the same from year to year, they kept me spellbound. As I got older and had a child of my own it was wonderful to see the glee these displays always brought to me mirrored in his face.

Here are some of my favorite festive places to see this time of year:

Longwood Gardens (http://www.longwoodgardens.org/)
Macy’s Dickens Village (Macy*s - Our Stores - Events - Events)
Wanamaker’s light show (LIGHT SHOW)-details for times of shows can be found on link above for Dickens Village.
Wilmington Western Railroad Santa Claus Express & Holiday night express (Wilmington & Western Railroad)

The best light display I have ever come across:

Rich Faucher’s house 1054 Red Lion Road Bear, DE (http://www.lightorama02.com/VideosTemp/Static%20Christmas%20House.wmv)
I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season!!

By Michele