Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Elvis Memorabilia Battle in Delaware Chancery Court

There's an airport hangar somewhere in Nevada, filled with Elvis memories, and a couple of 18-wheelers ready to take them on tour for the children of America, at $20 per head. They aren't leaving the hangar until a battle over their ownership takes place.

The fight over them is brewing in Delaware's Chancery Court. These memorabilia were used by Elvis Presley, and by his Doctor George Nichopoulos, and it sounds like it could be an entertaining time in Court.

The tug of war involves such things as:

Doctor's bag: "Black doctor's bag used by Dr. Nichopoulos for making house calls to Graceland and touring with Elvis Presley."

Stuffed dog: "Elvis had this dog in his suite at the Las Vegas Hilton . . . Elvis jokingly used dog as a pillow. Just as they were leaving to go on stage, Elvis threw the dog at Dr. Nick and said, 'This dog is for you!' Framed notarized letter of authenticity."

Laryngeal scope: "Used to examine Elvis' chronic sore throat and tonsils . . . Dr. Nick had to take additional schooling to learn how to use this."

A Delaware Limited Liability Company was formed with three members, Businessman Richard S. Long, Entertainer Bobby Freeman, aka Robert G. Gallagher, and Betty Franklin are in a fight over ownership, and Gallagher and Franklin are asking the Court to dissolve the limited liabilty company that was set up to own the collectibles, and be responsible for touring them across the countryside.

Robert G. Gallagher didn't show up in Court for the first day of proceedings.

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