Tuesday, August 06, 2002

smell the coffee

Seventh and King Street, in Wilmington, Delaware -- 1900
From Captured in Time: A Photographic History of Delaware

I read on Metafilter about an effort in the State of Washington to start an initiative taxing expresso on behalf of childcare programs. The movement has gathered 18,000 signatures so far. I also ran across an article about Berkeley banning all coffee except for fair trade coffee. I found myself drawn back to the Initiative and Referendum Insitute's page. The Insitute's sister site, Ballot Watch keeps track of different initiatives and referendums in a number of states. The Washington effort hasn't made it on the Ballot Watch site, presumably because the petition hasn't been turned in yet. The Berkely initiative is a municipal action, and it's not included either.

I did however locate this initiative in California, which would bring Las Vegas or Atlantic City style gambling to California. Of course, that effort seems to be going on in many places in the US. I hope that the efforts to tax coffee don't turn into a similar trend.