Friday, August 16, 2002

law school advice

I thought that Dahlia Lithwick's article, called Letter to a Young Law Student: Don't go to law school: But if you must, take my advice, was pretty good.

And don't miss the excellent a mad tea-party from Who Stole the Tarts, the site of a second year law student from Boston. In addition to being very well written advice to someone entering law school (I wish I had read it before my first year), the author also brings back many memories.

We've included some other law student sites in our weblog listing, and they will probably be joined by more in the near future.

Another erudite legal scholar and student is jca from Sua Sponte who organized the BlawgRing we recently added to our page, and who made a confession around a week ago to being originally from central New Jersey (like I am).

Our most recent student addition is Tuffy Stone who, upon ocassion, has contributed some great posts about intellectual property law at metafilter under a different name.

Not satisfied with just the law, the stantonblog adds economics and technology into the mix of subjects Larry Stanton, Jr., writes about on his site, and I enjoy his succinct and insightful views.

I'm looking forward to reading their blogs through their new school year, and I wish them all good luck in their classes.

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