Monday, August 26, 2002

insurance fraud

The most glaring instance of insurance fraud, that is thrown in my face daily, is the fraud by health insurance companies upon us. When I used to get my regular prescriptions at my local pharmacy, I would frequently hear the sheepish pharmacist report to me..."your insurance company says you can't get your prescription need to come back are one day early". I can feel the blood rushing to my head still, as I sit here typing. It is hard enough for me to break away from my job long enough to go to the pharmacy, now they want me to come back tomorrow. Why? Are they concerned that I might take an extra dose of my blood pressure medicine?

What business is it of the insurance company to so tightly regulate what day I am "allowed" to pick up my prescription? Isn't that supposed to be something between my doctor and I?

It turns out that they have no such right. The insurance company can refuse to pay for it though. And this really brings into focus the actual motivations of the insurance company (as if there was a doubt) and how they wield raw and unwarranted power over us and the local pharmacists.

Now, I have my prescriptions mailed to me by the same insurance company, in 3 month containers. And I reorder by telephone. And I never get that "you are too early" excuse. This new change in their position is clearly because they save money with the mail order prescriptions over the pharmacy prepared prescriptions.

I look forward to hearing about a "restraint of trade" class action against the insurance companies brought by pharmacies. On that day I will feel quite giddy, but not because of medication.

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