Monday, August 12, 2002

eldercare awareness conference

I've been watching the local newspaper, the Wilmington News Journal become slowly used to the fact that they have a web site. Yesterday's hard copy sports section mentioned that the Phillies game ended too late for the paper to carry the final Phillies' score, and that people should visit the paper's website for "complete" coverage. I hadn't seen them do that before.

They have also been starting to include links to other sites in sidebars on the web site. I've noticed links to pages within their own site, but it seemed to me that they were hesitant about including links that would take people off their pages. It seems like the idea has begun to sink in that people will return if they offer good quality information and updated material.

A feature in today's News Journal is about when parents move in with their grown children. The focus of the article is to let us know that an eldercare awareness conference for caregivers, and their employers will be held at on November 6th, at the Hotel Dupont, 11th and Market Streets. The list of speakers and topics looks interesting. The conference is not just for caregivers. It's also aimed at human resource personnel and business policy makers.

Like I said, this is one of the first articles where I noticed the paper actively pointing towards a web site outside of their own pages. They also provide a number of links to other "resources for caregivers" outside of the domain.

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