Friday, August 23, 2002

new courthouse

Wednesday I took the self-guided tour through the new courthouse, to familiarize myself with the general lay-out of the building. Thursday I had my first hearing in the building. And so, I knew where to go. All is well.

Thursday while I was standing in the lobby waiting for my client, I noticed 5 firemen hanging out as well. I wasn't quite sure what they were doing and I figured that it wasn't my business anyway. But I did hear them explain their hanging out status to another fellow sporting a badge. They jokingly indicated that they were having their morning briefing.

It all became clear to me this morning when I read that since the sound of the fire alarms is so muffled by the sound reducing insulation in some of the administrative offices, they have hired 7 firemen to walk the halls until the modifications to the alarm system can be made.

What a cushy assignment.

Several of the rumors that I had heard about the new courthouse are wrong. I heard that there was no lobby seating area for the Family Court Courtrooms. I found the seating areas. They appeared to be adequate.

Overall, I like the new building. I look forward to the time when it is completed and all of the courts have settled in.

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