Sunday, August 18, 2002

asleep in the law library

I was setting out to blog in response to one of my several favorite blogs, Held In Contempt, more particularly her article about the liability of a lessor for the negligent accident of the lessee, when I got sidetracked. I was backtracing her links and trying to figure out why she didn't link directly to the case opinion, thinking all the while about describing a parallel argument successfully made in Delaware with respect to sovereign immunity not being waived by the state unless it goes out and buys insurance, when I finally tracked down the Opinion. Apparently the opinion was either scanned in backwards, or the pages were numbered backwards. Trying to figure it out bored me to distraction. It really drove home the essence of the article I stumbled upon in my search...about sleeping jurors and judges...and what you can or cannot do about it. I vote that it is the lawyers' job to keep the jurors awake, and the judge just has to look out after herself. Now if I can just find that darned voting box...

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