Saturday, August 03, 2002

a penny for your thoughts

The accounting of funds by an attorney must be exact. I have run into a recurring problem in this regard, when probating estates. What to do about the odd penny(s) left over after the distribution to the beneficiaries. I am right now closing an estate which required 3 years of work, and resulted in a specific Order of the Court to disburse the funds to almost 50 distant relatives of the deceased, in specific shares. But I have a penny left over. I can't keep it. I can't give one beneficiary more than his or her share. I can't write it off, as trust accounting must be precise. I can't go back to the judge over a penny. Does anyone have the ultimate, ethical solution? I may be able to pay one penny as a consulting fee to the person who provides me with the right answer (in my sole discretion).

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