Saturday, August 31, 2002

"business to force breakup of a couple"

A new line of detective work for investigative agencies in Japan blurs the line between intimacy and business. Want a divorce, or to break up with your significant other, but you can't bring yourself to make that move? How about hiring someone to seduce your partner, so that they ask for a split?
A husband who wants to dump his wife will hire a couple-busters firm to engineer an "accidental" meeting between his wife and a good-looking, attentive man who is secretly an agent. Soon, the wife is in an affair with him, and willingly grants her husband a divorce. The agent then fades away, his cell phone turned off, the address he gave her vacant, his workplace number a fake.
Ok, you might be asking, "How different is this from prostitution, since sex is taking place in exchange for money?" Well, maybe you're not asking that. I, for one, am wondering when this practice makes its way to the States as a reality based TV show.

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