Friday, August 02, 2002

anti-spam enforcement

Utah has a new anti-spam law, and it appears that the first case to test it involves a class action suit against Sprint. Utah's law requires that "ADV" appears in the subject area of the email, and a full name and address, as well as a legitimate way to remove the receivers from getting future mailings at no cost to them. It's possible that 100,000 people in the state received an unsolicited commercial email from Sprint.

Delaware has an anti-spam law that is regarded as one of the strictest in the country. But, as recently as a couple of months ago, a statement from the Attorney General's office was made that no one had ever been prosecuted under the law. Delaware does define civil procedures for bringing an action against people sending unsolicited commercial email. If the case in Utah is successful, perhaps someone in Delaware will be inspired to pursue one of those civil remedies.

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