Thursday, May 02, 2002

wilmington returns to the stone-age
The city that was recently overrun by California attorneys in the Hewlett Packard legal dispute has been invaded again this week.

<aside>It was sometimes difficult to tell a California litigator from a Delaware barrister, last week. The only difference I noted, in some instances, is that male Delaware lawyers often wear only white dress shirts to court, and Californians tend to be a little less conservative, choosing to mix blue shirts into their wardrobe</aside>

It's a little easier to pick out these new visitors. They're the ones who look like dinosaurs.

A fund-raiser combining public art with corporate sponsorship has brought 48 dinosaur statues onto the streets and sidewalks of the City of Wilmington. The one in front of the Daniel Herrmann Courthouse is playing a saxophone in honor of the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, held across the street in Rodney Square every year. There are some photos in the linked article, but I'll try to take some pictures of these guys for tomorrow.

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