Tuesday, May 07, 2002

appealing red lights
Wilmington's red light camera's have some enforcement problems it seems, from a story in today's Wilmington News Journal. Since 10 cameras were turned on in June of last year, 25,155 tickets were issued. Nearly 14,000 people have paid. A very few people appealed. All 214 people who have appealed their citations have now had their cases dropped. A number of problems came up that caused the hearings of the appeals to be delayed for an extended period of time. In response to the delay, the City has decided to drop the cases against those people.

The article details many of the implementation problems, and some objections to the program overall. It also includes the locations of the cameras. When it comes to traffic control devices like stoplights, safety should be the sole concern. Not revenues. That's an issue that the News Journal raises which I'm glad to see in print. For more on the subject, see House Majority Leader Dick Armey's page on The Truth About Red Light Cameras.

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