Thursday, May 23, 2002

delaware offers money school to other states

A program started almost three years ago in Delaware has seen some significant participation, and inquiries from other states. The Delaware Money School is an offering from the State Treasurer's Office intended to improve financial literacy amongst Delawareans. Senator Tom Carper, and State Treasurer Jack Markell are responding to requests from other states to share what the State has learned from presenting the classes:
Carper and Markell traveled to New York City on Monday to pitch their idea of expanding the Delaware Money School to national media, financial educators and financial services giant Citigroup, one of the leading sponsors of the Delaware program. They said the program, with modifications, could be adopted in many states, and that several already have expressed interest.

Since its launch nearly three years ago, the program, run by Markell's office, has taught 5,200 men and women in courses ranging from saving for college to saving for retirement. The courses, most of which are free, are paid for by corporate sponsors.

Analysts, planners, economists and other financial professionals volunteer to teach classes about four times a year. Roughly 70 classes are being offered this spring, up from 20 to 30 when the program first started.
The school is a great idea, and I'm happy that it's being shared with other states.