Sunday, May 05, 2002

taking/giving responsibility
Dogs, guns, driving, and children. Almost everywhere we look in society there is a critical need for adults to take responsibility, and to use it. This morning's article by Al Mascitti is right on. We need to hold people responsible for their actions. Whether it be for loosing a vicious dog on the community or by leaving a firearm unsecured, people must be accountable for the things that they do. We have allowed our society to develop to the point that teachers are afraid to fail children, and children are not afraid to fail. We have fallen down on the job of instilling within our young citizens the need to develop their sense of responsibility, and we have let each of the rest of us down in the process. I am not exactly sure where Al stands on gun control, but I think guns should be controlled by their owners. And irresponsible gun owners (just like irresponsible parents, irresponsible pet owners, and irresponsible drivers) should be held accountable in our courts.

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