Monday, May 20, 2002

sexual harassment and anita hill

It's been over a decade since the highly publicized, and highly-watched confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas. Anita Hill's testimony during that hearing didn't stop the confirmation of Thomas. But it did have an effect:
In the year after the hearing, women were elected to the House and Senate in unprecedented numbers. Charges of sexual harassment skyrocketed in the years that followed. In 1982, one sexual harassment charge was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; 10 years later, there were 2,910.

Around that time, a damage remedy was added to the Civil Rights Act to ensure sexual harassment victims could get economic relief.

The ensuing years also brought sexual harassment protection for students, and served as a wake-up call for employers. Many companies adopted policies against sexual harassment and started educating managers.
The article mentions the National Women's Law Center, which contains information on a number of subjects, in addition to sexual harassment. It's an interesting site, and definitely worth a visit.