Tuesday, May 21, 2002

gas emissions and gas cans

Starting in October, the price of a gasoline container will be somewhat higher in Delaware. That's because the law requires a new kind of gas can. One that will spill less and limit the amount of fumes that escape into the atmosphere. Delaware is one of a number of states requiring the new containers.
The Alliance for Proper Gasoline Handling, based in Washington, says the little spills while gassing up lawnmowers, boats and stranded automobiles put 9 million gallons of gas - the equivalent of a supertanker - into the ground each year. The vapors from the often uncapped 78 million old cans nationwide also contribute tons of emissions daily, advocates said.

"We were just stunned by the amount of emissions," said Richard Varenchik of the California Air Resources Board, which started the movement.

The California board estimates that 70 tons a day of smog-creating emissions eventually will be removed each day in California because of the measure.
While this is probably a good idea, it feels like only a small step in the right direction.