Wednesday, May 22, 2002

litigating in public

The defendants who have been sued by PanIP, LLC for trademark infringement have put together a web site. Their reason for doing so:
To provide you with more information, Dickson Supply and several of the other defendants sued by PanIP have set up this special web site containing information about the cases. The site will include a guest book / bulletin board type conversation thread. The site will also include a spot for interested parties to sign up with their e-mail address so that they may be kept informed of events in the case as we post new information. We will also have a link or links to many of the documents filed in this lawsuit, including the complaint PanIP filed and the patents that are at issue.

Let this serve as a wake-up call to the ecommerce community and the consumer who will ultimately shoulder the burden of a higher cost of goods. Action needs to be taken now to protect our current methods of business and to prevent "patent pirates" of the future from taking advantage of what they perceive as easy money situations. Any ideas or assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.
If you have an e-commerce web site, you might want to visit their pages and see what the commotion is about. The Discussion Forum is filled with a number of interesting ideas and suggestions.