Wednesday, May 08, 2002

special domain for doctors, lawyers, and accountants
The .pro domain may become a reality soon. The price for the new domain will be approximately 10 times what most other top-level domains costs. In addition to the name, some additional security features will be available to the holders of .pro domains. These would include encrypted email and a security certificate for the site.
"The bundling of a domain name with a digital security product is a tremendous development in Internet security," Stephen Wu, co-chair of the Information Security Committee of the American Bar Association, said in a statement. "The .pro system will provide a means for professionals to conduct electronic transactions and communications that satisfy electronic signature laws and provide assurances of identity and confidentiality."
After trademark holders, then doctors, lawyers, and accountants get their chance to take domain names. Eventually, architects and other professionals will be allowed to use the suffix.

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