Thursday, December 05, 2002

wintertime follies

The forecast for Delaware is calling for our first snowstorm of the season, starting sometime this morning, and into the afternoon. The last National Weather Service message I looked at threatened the possibility of seven inches of snow for northern Delaware. The central and southern parts of the State are expected to see more rain, and less flakes. There's something magical about the first snowstorm of the season. I'll be reminding myself of that during rush hour traffic in the morning, which is predicted to be the most intense period of precipitation.

Blogging here tonight is going to be light, after preparing for the storm. (Do you know where your snow shovel, and salt, and gloves, and so on are?) I did want to point out Matt Haughey's post over at a whole lottanothing from late November called digital restrictions management. It's an interesting forecast of what might come, complete with screenshots.

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