Saturday, December 21, 2002

Commenting on Copyright Comments

The United States Copyright Office, at the Library of Congress, asked for comments on possible exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And comments they received. Wired covers the Office's release of the comments to the public in an article called Critics Weigh In on Copyright Act. They also provide a link to the comments, which are at: Comments on Rulemaking on Exemptions on Anticirumvention.

There are some great comments. If you would like to add to what has been expressed in one of the comments that has been submitted, there is an opportunity to do so. As the Copyright Office states on this page, "Reply comments (due February 19) may be submitted in opposition to or in further support of exemptions proposed in the initial comments." That page also contains information on the format that you should follow if you wish to make a submission. Remember, the topics are now limited to what has been expressed in one of the initial comments.