Tuesday, December 03, 2002

talking amongst ourselves

One of my all time favorite songs is from legendary local band Rocket 88, sung by Mark Kenneally, aka Dr. Harmonica. The first time I saw them perform, the good Doctor was swinging from the rafters, and filling the room with more blues than it could handle, in a place known as the Deer Park Tavern. The band counts amongst its contemporaries the more well known George Thorogood, and Tommy Conwell. The song had a chorus line, which may have also been its name, that went something like this: "I was looking back to see if she was looking back to see if I was looking back at her."

That was what I was thinking of when I read Ernie Svenson's blog entry yesterday called Weblogs are conversations too. It's kind of funny how information travels around the net. Rather than recap, I'll point you to Ernie's expanded take, an Anatomy of a conversation among weblogs . It seems that a number of us were excited to hear Federal Judge Richard Posner's thoughts concerning intellectual property and copyright extensions. One of the fun parts about the decentralized nature of blogs, and the conversation between them is watching how they grow. I've been searching for a transcript of Judge Posner's speech. While the Eldred site had a link to a pdf file of the talk, it wouldn't open correctly for me. Thankfully, Ernie pointed to a copy at the Tech Law Journal. Looking at the Eldred site again, it appears that they've accidentally put up an older (though still very interesting) speech, from the Spring 2002 issue of Dædalus. I'll point the webmaster to the TLJ page. The conversation widens.

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