Tuesday, December 17, 2002

play ball

Baseball is a summertime sport, but the last few days have seen a lot of activity surrounding the United States' national pastime. Winter baseball meetings, sometimes the scene of big trades, were quiet this year. A few moves were made, but expectations are that many more may happen before the end of the week.

An official announcement was made today that the Expos will play 22 homes games in Puerto Rico next season. I know a few people who are very excited about this happening.

A Roberto Clemente exhibit has also been set up at the Museum of Puerto Rican Art in San Juan, where it will stay until May 5th. After that it will travel to Pittsburgh, and then other cities in the US.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is expected to issue an edict ordering a minimum age of 14 for batboys sometime next month. The ruling is in response to a near collision during the 5th game of last year's World Series during a play at the plate. The 3 year-old son of then San Francisco manager Dusty Baker wandered too close to the play, and was scooped up out of harm's way by quick-thinking J.T. Snow.

Another edict that might be issued by the Commissioner may involve the reinstatement of Pete Rose to baseball. Should Rose get a second chance? Or, should he not? There are a lot of divided opinions.

But, the biggest news in baseball this week may focus upon fans. Specifically, the fans fighting for ownership of the baseball that Barry Bonds hit last year to set a record for most home runs in a season. A decision on the case is expected tomorrow. I wonder how the litigants would feel if the Judge decided that the ball should be cut in half?

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