Sunday, March 09, 2003

living in a windows world?

Larry asked me on Saturday about Linux, and what I thought of using it in the Law Office.

We talked about what it would take to get used to a new operating system. How he would have to find new applications that did what his windows based programs do, and learn how to use those. I mentioned how newer releases of Linux have gotten easier, and easier to install, and that there was a large base of people who have adopted the software and help others to support it. We both like the idea of an open source software community a great deal.

Rather than setting Linux up in the office, we decided that it might be a good idea for each of us to test machines at our homes. Having a Linux box kid-tested may be the greatest way of learning how well it will work in the office. It's also interesting seeing how others have adapted to using the operating system, like Pennsylvania Attorney Kevin L. Ritchey.

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