Monday, March 03, 2003

court archives give a glimpse into history

There's something to be said for the preservation of historical documents from court cases of the past. Court house records have survived when others have long since disappeared. The St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Project provides a great glimpse into the history of expansion into lands west of the Mississippi. It also allows us to look at cases where freedom from slavery was an issue.

It had me looking at the Delaware Archives pages to find out what Delaware was doing to preserve the history of life in the First State. While there are some great descriptions of what can be located at the archives, many of those documents aren't online. There are a number of Digital Archives online from Delaware, and they offer an interesting look into the State's past.

Hopefully future attempts to digitally preserve some of the other documents that the Archives office holds will also allow the agency to display them online. What a great wealth of information that would be.

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