Tuesday, March 25, 2003

jury deliberations

I received a summons for jury duty in the mail recently. I've seen plenty of juries, but the only time I've actually been a juror was during a mock trial in a law school advocacy class. I'm a little apprehensive about being called, but I'm hoping that I get to actually be on a jury.

So, against that backdrop, stories about jurors and jury selection appear to be printed in bright flashing neon to me these days. Like the one where a juror was expelled from a Mendocino Wildfire Murder Trial. Or the jury selection in the Kirby Pucket case. (Celebrityhood and juror selection seem to mix like oil and vinegar.) I'm also wondering if I might get chosen for a case like the one being brought against Tyson Foods.

I do know that if it was a capital murder case or a complex civil litigation such as an asbestos case, I would have probably received a special summons warning me of the possibility of an extended trial. But, I'm still feeling a little antsy about serving.

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