Sunday, November 03, 2002

like google for the police?

Coplink is a new tool developed in Arizona, and is being used by police officers in Arizona. It's a database that uses information gathered by law enforcement agents, and has the ability to make connections between that information that might elude investigators:
Coplink works by linking and comparing data from new and existing files. For example, Mr. Griffin said, in a Tucson case a man was found lying face down after his throat had been cut and he had been run over by a vehicle. The man was still alive, and before he was taken to a hospital he told people at the scene, "Shorty did it." The name Shorty was put into Coplink and cross-referenced with the victim's personal data, and within minutes the records showed that the two men had been in prison together.
The software is being used in an effort to find out more about the movements and activities of the suspects in the Washington area sniping cases prior to their capture.

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