Monday, November 25, 2002

a bit of cinema noir about it

I almost picked up a copy of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood a couple of weekends ago, and upon reflection I should have. I really loved Wind-up Bird Chronicles by the same author. After reading Bill Altreuter's thoughts about the book over at Outside Counsel in his November 12th and 14th posts, I want to go back to the bookstore that I found it at and buy it. Unfortunately, I'll have to travel to the other end of Delaware to do that. I saw it down at a bookstore in Dewey Beach, which is Sneaking Suspicions territory. Raymond Chandler is another favorite author of mine, and I think that Bill captures the connection between the two pretty well. I was thinking about Chandler when I read about the Hollywood gumshoe who had weapons charges filed against him earlier today. The story seems to have all the makings of a Chandler plot.

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