Friday, November 01, 2002

cybersecurity and the fbi

At a speech given to the Informational Technology Association of America yesterday, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III talked about changes to the FBI to protect businesses. It makes for interesting reading. What challenges face the federal government? How much help will the private sector provide them? The director also mentions the FOIA issue that I raised earlier today:
Second, let me address your greatest concern, and therefore our greatest concern: the chance of having your reports made public under the Freedom of Information Act. We completely understand your ambivalence and your lawyers' warnings, but we are confident this issue can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction. Let us approach Congress together with a plan that will provide the tools you need to protect your equities and that we need to do our job.
The speech does give some insight into how the federal government will try to work with business to try to make their networks more secure.

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