Saturday, June 22, 2002

less music on the internet?

The Library of Congress has set broadcasting rates for music web-casters, and both the recording industry and internet stations have admitted to disliking the way that those rates are set. Many web-based stations are concerned that they cannot afford to continue to broadcast. It would be a shame to lose stations like the excellent Live 365. While these rates apply to internet stations, radio stations do not have to pay similar fees.

The Radio and Internet Newsletter suggests that maybe it's time for recording industry representatives and web-based broadcasters to sit down together at a table and work towards a positive solution to this problem -- to enable the smaller stations to continue. I know that I've purchased at least a dozen CDs over the past two months that I heard songs from through an internet station. I don't think I'm the only one listening before buying, and I don't believe I would buy as much music if I didn't get a chance to hear a few songs first.

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