Thursday, June 13, 2002

the fight over the marvel(ous) universe in delaware

While I was humbly toiling a few blocks away, the fate of the Marvel Universe hung in the balance in the courtrooms of Delaware's Bankruptcy Court, and in the lobby of the Hotel duPont. This was before Spider-Man set box office records, and in advance of the comic book company even having a modest hit with the X-Men movie last year. Ben Affleck hadn't yet tried on his tights to play blind attorney Matt Murdoch fighting crime as Daredevil. It was definitely prior to director Ang Lee agreeing to work on the Incredible Hulk.

Super-heroes and super-villains weren't the ones slugging it out. It was lawyers. Lots of lawyers. So says the author of a book called Comic Wars, about the battle for Marvel, set on New York's Wall Street, and Wilmington's Market Street Mall.

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