Thursday, June 20, 2002

be kind, please rewind

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the labels that show up on something that you purchase. Like when you buy a bag of peanuts, and it has a warning on the side telling you that it contains nuts. I thought that was the point. The web site Dumb Warnings has compiled many of the instructions, rules, and warnings that you might be surprised to see on products. I especially enjoyed their take on labels on DVDs, from a large video chain, asking that people rewind the DVD after watching:
I asked the manager of my local Blockbuster why that label would be on DVD cases, he told me, "DVDs can be rewinded like VHSes, so please rewind it, if we get a message from the central headquarters of Blockbuster stating otherwise, we will keep those labels on the DVD cases."
Sure they can. That little label they put on videotapes does get me to rewind. Warning labels can keep people from getting harmed. But, they should make sense.(via bOing bOing)

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