Saturday, June 08, 2002

get britney an eyepatch and a parrot?

Is Britney Spears a pirate? A couple of Philadelphia songwriters have made that claim, and were planning on submitting a civil suit to federal court in Philadelphia on Friday. A song they wrote and copyrighted in 1999 called "What You See Is What You Get" was submitted, with the approval of the philly pair, by Britney's agent to her producers in 1998. While they were told that she wouldn't use the song, a tune called "What U See Is What U Get," and another song on the "Opps, I Did It Again" album has the duo convinced that they were pirated. Having recently experienced long lines in front of the Daniel Herrmann Courthouse in Wilmington for the Hewlett v. Hewlett-Packard trial, I can only begin to imagine the size of the crowd lining up in Philadelphia if this case goes to trial.

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