Tuesday, April 30, 2002

The Miller family wants nothing to do with Miller Beer. They just want to post pictures of their family on the web, and keep in contact with each other. Their web site, www.millertime.com politely informs you at the bottom of the page that if you were looking for the home page of Miller Beer, that you should follow their link to www.millerlite.com.
Repeated efforts by the Milwaukee brewer to force the family to give up millertime.com prompted Mark Miller and his family to file a complaint against Miller Brewing in U.S. district court.

The Millers want the court to block the National Arbitration Forum from forcing them to give up the domain name, which they've owned since 1995, according to register.com.
How would you rule under the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act? What argument would you make for either side? [Update - reading the arbitrator's opinion, I was surprised to learn that the domain name had previously been placed for sale through a domain name auction house. Which may make a difference and explain the arbitrator's decision. (5/4/2002)]

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