Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Chancellor Chandler
A nice article from the San Francisco Chronicle focuses on Delaware's Chancellor, who is reviewing the attempted merger between Hewlett- Packard and Compaq Computer. The author calls the Chancellor smart, fair, hard working, sophisticated, practical, very balanced, and extremely well liked. He also cited Chancellor Chandler's sense of humor.

As an example of that sense of humor, he points to the Chancellor's statements at Sunday's morning hearing on HP's motion to dismiss Walter Hewlett's lawsuit:
"Welcome to the morning service," he quipped at the start of the session, adding that he would have to explain to his mother why he was not in church that morning.
On Monday, a 28 page long opinion on the hearing was sent to the parties deciding that the issues involved in the case should be more fully explored in a trial, scheduled for April 23th.

While there are a number of predictions being made regarding possible outcomes of the case, the only one I'm willing to make is that the opinion deciding the case will be intelligent, sophisticated, and practical, just like its author, Chancellor William Chandler, III.

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