Friday, April 05, 2002

hotel for sale
radisson hotel sits empty

It overlooks a junkyard, and swamp land, and has 40,000 square feet that possibly can't be used. It was ready to open in August of 2000, but wasn't allowed to be occupied because it was built with an extra floor, which wasn't included in the building permit application.

Questions surround how the hotel could have been built with the wrong blueprints. The developers claim that the county's refusal to allow it to open, or to allow them to somehow ameliorate the problem has caused the loss of millions of dollars. They've filed a lawsuit to attempt to regain some of their losses.

On Tuesday, the hotel had new owners. The developers tried a last attempt sale, which failed, and defaulted on a bankruptcy agreement. A Florida bank took over ownership as a result of the default.

For now, the hotel sits empty. With a new owner, the county might allow it to open.

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