Tuesday, April 23, 2002

camping out in delaware

camped out in front of the Daniel Herrmann Courthouse in Wilmington, De.

Some were tired, some were happy, some were drinking as much coffee as possible to keep awake. I arrived this morning at the Daniel Herrmann Courthouse in Wilmington Delaware to find a very long line of people. Many of them were being paid to hold places in line for attorneys, investors, reporters, and other interested parties. Rumor has it that the line started forming around 3:00am. Another rumor is that a few people who just happened to be on the streets during the early hours of the morning were offered $65 an hour to hold a place in line for some attendees.

The case is Hewlett vs Hewlett Packard, and the proceeding is being heard by Delaware's Chancery Court. It is receiving a great deal of press coverage:

Irritated Fiorina testifies in trial (cnet news.com)
Company memos called deceptive (CBS MarketWatch)
Hewlett Attorneys claim Deal Deception (Wilmington News Journal)
Another Round in Carly vs. Walter (Smart Money)

There will likely be more. I haven't seen so many people running out of a courthouse to get onto a cellular phone in a long time. The trial is scheduled to last three days, so I expect that will be a common sight over the next couple of days. I also expect that there will be a somewhat larger collection of casual observers standing around the courthouse early in the morning tomorrow hoping that someone offers them money to hold a place in line. Hmmm, maybe if I go to sleep now...

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